The Curb Kaimuki

Honolulu, HI: February 9, 2018

“Doing Big Things In a small space”

I designed the previous iteration of the site to be informative and to give more history of the early beginnings of The Curb. However with the new location, fresh image had to be implemented. The goal in mind for this project was to portray a humble coffee shop that consistently delivers exceptional service and amazing coffee.

On the main page I’ve included their catch phrase “Doing Big Things In a small space” -which is a throwback to their first brick and mortar location that had less than a third of the space than that of the current location. The header image was chosen because it showcases what The Curb is, a coffee shop. Further down, I use palm tree leaves to add a break and to portray that The Curb is a casual laid back place for coffee, meeting people and perhaps to have a quick discussion. As a multi-roaster coffee shop, it would be nothing without their partners and roasters in the industry and credit is given when credit is due by highlighting the roasters that are currently being featured.

Mobile-responsive for all devices. As seen here for an iPhone and iPad.

I’ve opted for an Instagram feed opposed to a static gallery because in today’s climate of always being connected through social media, people who visit the site can see a snippet of what The Curb has to offer either through current drink offerings, or the hosted events that are regularly posted through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Towards the bottom of the page, a map which pulls the information from Google’s API is included in addition to the pertinent contact information for the shop. Also included on the site is a press & media page which includes the features and mentions The Curb was in relevant industry news.

I’ve also done the site in two other languages, Japanese and Korean. In Hawaii, we have the privilege of having great weather, but also being a gateway to Asia as well. A majority of Hawaii’s industry is tourism based, and by including multiple languages of the site, it allows visitors to find The Curb if English is not their native language.

I have also done on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for The Curb so that the business will be able to compete with already established industry competitors and to be noticed for visitors alike.