The Asian Lion Dance Team

Honolulu, HI: July, 2018

“Lion dancing is both a sport and an art, requiring physical conditioning to express the beauty of the dance.”

The purpose of the site is to be informative and to attract a younger generation. This is depicted with the large header image to grab the visitor’s attention and to showcase the team’s lions. Most people tend to associate the Chinese lion as a ‘dragon’, and I wanted to emphasize the lion throughout the design of this site.

Red in Chinese culture is also associated with prosperity and good luck, in addition it is a part of the team’s logo and design, which is the reason it is used throughout the site.

Mobile-responsive for all devices. As seen here for an iPhone and iPad.

I opted for a gallery on the site to feature some of the main highlights of the team, taken by the team’s photographer since online social media is not a major factor in their marketing and branding.

I also prominently feature the group photo with their lion on the ‘About Us’ section of the page. The focus of this page is to be informative as possible for the parents of future students in regards to joining the team.

For a client to request a performance, the contact page is designed to obtain the basic necessary information and did not embellish it with any unnecessary distractions.

The last page on the site is the press and media page. To save on page loading speed and bandwidth, I linked to the relevant hosted media pages and gave appropriate titled credit.