WYAO Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii: September, 2018

“Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record, are a great investment, and will benefit you and your employees.”

WYAO Hawaii’s site was completely overhauled to create a better user experience with the intent of delivering relevant information with the emphasis on corporate wellness. It took several iterations of A/B testing as the client wanted a site which would pique a visitor’s interest in either learning more about corporate wellness or to return back to the site for regular updates to the blog.

Corporate wellness is multifaceted and I tried to convey this information to the visitor through organized lists and to separate the content into smaller chunks. One of the core features of this company is that they offer regularly scheduled events for both private parties and for the public in order to bring awareness to preventative healthcare and exercise.

It is placed on the front page as a current featured event in addition to the latest blog posting. Prior to the update, the event page was restricted to navigating 3 pages deep from the landing page or knowing the direct link address in order to register for the event.